In recent years Farindola has become a destination for visual artists as a result of the instigation of the FARINDOLA INTERNATIONAL ARTS FESTIVAL (FIAF) in 2015. Unfortunately due to COVID 19 the festival did not take place for 3 years. However it will restart in 2023, the dates are 1st - 20th August with 6 artists participating, coming from North America (3), Germany (2) and Catalunya (1). 

Artists in other disciplines; writers, musicians etc. are also encouraged to discover the village and the surrounding region of the Gran Sasso e Monti della Laga National Park. With this in mind a quintet of classical musicians from The Netherlands, Quintetto a fiati Perpaolo, has also been invited to take part in the festival Pecorino & Pecorini, a cheese, wine and music event that takes place from 4 - 6 August.  

© photographs : Michael Critchley & Annalisa Marzola ©Video ‘La Sagra’ Gianluca Palma & Leonardo di Fabrizio

Painter in the landscape

Contact : art@farindola.art